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Zionism, Feminism, and Progressives

Do we have a problem with anti-Semitism in the progressive movement? How do we speak to our values as feminists and Zionists?


Meet Dani Pitkoff

a senior at Johns Hopkins University who is balancing her identity as a Zionist and Feminist on campus.

On the Frontline at college Campuses

What the Heck is intersectionality?

Reflecting on her own experience, Dani discussed intersectionality and its role on campus today.

Building Relationships

Dani calls on Jewish students to be present and active in the organizations they care about, and to bring their full Jewish selves to every space on campus. By speaking from personal experience and value, students  build strong relationships -  on campus and beyond. 

Advocating for LGBTQ Youth in the Jewish Community

The Story of Keshet

From a staff of 1 to 22, what have been the keys to Keshet's success, especially in their work with young people?

Zionism and the progressive community

What are the trends, what is changing?  Idit explains how she talks about her Zionism in the progressive community.

Idit Klein's advice for progressives

What can we do now in our communities and politically? How do we answer those who claim you can't be both a progressive and a Zionist?

Anti-Semitism in the Progressive Community

Idit discusses what she's seen in her work, and how we can bridge the divides.  Ann and Idit discuss what changes has they have seen in the past year.

Feminist, Progressive and Zionist: Jewish Women Confront Anti-semitism

From the Woman's March to the Chicago Dyke March, these women made sure their voices were heard.

Recognizing Anti-Zionism and


If we don't talk about it, we allow it to continue. How can we all speak up, speak our truths, and stand for what we believe in?

Speaking Up and Building Coalitions

Emily Shire and Ann Lewis speak about what we do now, the importance of finding allies, speaking up, and building coalitions

What is Pinkwashing?

Laurie speaks about the origin of the term, and how its used today in regards to Israel

Emily Shire, Ann Lewis, and Laurie Grauer speak up

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